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We have installment service up to 1 year with interest rate 0%


Site survey and needs assessment

We study our customer needs to recommend the appropriate solution first. We study the energy consumption behavior to recommend the system size and make the site survey to confirm the project implementation applicability.


Technical and commercial advisory services

After the study, we build a complete project case and provide the advice to the customer with the most appropriate technical specification for the project. It should be followed by the economic feasibility study for the project & let him decide.


System design and simulation

Based on the preliminary study, we make the detailed design of the system. We set the system materials specifications and quantities, make the detailed design and draw the layouts and electrical wiring diagrams. We use the best simulation software to simulate the project and estimate the energy yield of the designed system to confirm the design correctness.


Procurement & installation

We manage all project’s logistics to meet the project completion time by delivery all project’s material to the project’s site. Qualified engineers are responsible for installation in accordance with safety and installation codes and standards that ensure least projects’ risks. Required testing and commissioning are done before operation.


Operation and maintenance

We train the customer on how the system works and what he can do for operation and maintenance. In addition, we educate him how to monitor the system and can operate the remote monitoring system. We offer maintenance contract if requested by customer.


Training and consultation

We offer different customized Solar Energy training programs for university undergraduate and post graduates to enhance their practical skills. We offer awareness sessions for customers and training programs for business sector.

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